it's the early 2000s in the late 2010s!
welcome to swoo32's site. here you can browse my games, music, and other misc. stuff!

what is this site all about?

this site is where you can download my games, music, programs, some files, and do some other stuff!!

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new site background!

hello mine turtle! hello. BOOOM

i healed from the injury a while ago! also, my computer broke real bad. black screen of death. so pro tip: don't use windows 8 themes on windows 10. now i'm using windows 7 on a different pc! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, this sucks. I injured my hand with a hammer while working with metal and uh, slower updates cause it hurts to type. Hopefully i heal soon.

i've been pretty inactive lately, i don't think i updated my site through the entirety of june! Well, i'm still here and will update my site. Happy summer everyone!

fun fact: this site now has more views than the year any of us will live to

we reached 2000 views bois!!!!

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made in canada, NOT china - is this a meme yet?